Our mission of adding value to life starts with adding value to our employees’ lives. An Int-Er Yapı employee is a member of a young and dynamic family that has its eyes on innovation and believes in change and differentiation.

If you want to work with us;

We Live for Our Customers

We know that our customers always deserve the best. We put customer trust first. We adopt an easily comprehensible, transparent, clear, and consistent approach toward our customers.

We Are an Agile Team

We believe that success comes from speed, result-orientation, and flexibility. We draw our strength from our enthusiasm and excitement. We run shoulder to shoulder towards the same goal.

We Believe in Open and Transparent Communication

We establish sincere and honest relationships at all levels. We share our knowledge and listen to and support different views. We learn from our mistakes and question ourselves to do better.

We Make a Difference and Create Value

We never compromise on our pioneering identity. We support creative thinking in all areas. We take responsibility, make bold decisions, and achieve result. Thus, we make a difference and create value.

We Value Our Employees

We consider our employees as “internal customers.” We believe that success is only possible with “happy employees” with a high sense of belonging. We support personal development. We take remedial steps through internal assessment activities.