İnt-Er Yapı, tüm projelerini, tasarım, estetik ve mühendislik hesaplarına uygun olarak, belirlenen bütçe ve zamanlamalar dahilinde, ekonomik çözümlerle ve kaliteden asla taviz vermeden, iş sağlığı ve güvenliği kriterlerini dikkate alarak tamamlar. İnt-Er Yapı’nın tüm projeleri, bilimsel ve sistematik adımlarla yönetilir.


Distinctive projects are managed by distinctive project management science. Project management differs from traditional business management as it requires different jobs to be managed with many professionals from different disciplines.

Project management is the planning and tracking of activities to achieve goals. Finishing a project on time, within the planned budget and with the required quality, are vital to any project. Project management is examined under categories to ensure complex projects can be finished within certain limitations.

We add value to projects with our expert and competent human workforce in process management.


These concepts are present in every piece of the architecture and aim to create the perfect compromise between user needs and design. Regardless of the function, effective use of space and the functionality comes first in a design.

In the design stage, factors like operational requirements, general maintenance, environmental impact, energy optimization, resource use and sustainability are also taken into consideration.

Int-Er Yapı stands out with its people-oriented and timeless design approach in its projects.


A project plans on how to utilize resources to achieve specific determined goals. The plans demonstrate how resources should be used to reach results in a limited period of time.

The project management consists of five interactive and complementary phases: initiation, planning, execution, control and closure. Successful project management requires the effective management of these phases. A successful project must be completed within the designated period of time while meeting the pre-determined quality and budget.

Int-Er Yapı utilizes the project management methodology with broad knowledge, experience, and effective ERP and project management software.


Tenders for sub-contractor selection are made during construction project processes. Contracts and addendums are prepared after the negotiations with the firms. Contract management aims to ensure that sub-contractors deliver their work commitments in terms of quality and timing, with a strong control mechanism. This process requires deep knowledge and expertise in both techniques and law.

which Int-Er Yapı has plenty of from years of experience in contract management.


Supply Chain Management is a goods and/or service procurement method. It has to be carried out at the optimum cost, to the appropriate quality and time frame, and is supplied by the right source through services like shipping and logistics. It also factors in marginal benefits and price fluctuations.

Int-Er follows purchasing procedures and an efficient supply method within the scope of the above framework in all projects.


A Quality Management System aims to define the necessary organizational structure, procedures, processes, and resources to ensure a project finishes safely, on time and within the planned budget.

The Quality Management System used in all our projects is based on the Central Quality Management System and contractual requirements. The Quality Management System is an effective tool for compatibility between the main contractual requirements and services and products provided by Int-Er.