• We put occupational quality and safety first,
  • We add value to life and people in all our projects,
  • We base our employee relationships on mutual trust,
  • We create added value for our business partners and customers,
  • We stay true to our commitments and deadlines,
  • We respect the ecological balance and care for the environment,
  • We are creative and innovative as an industry’s trendsetter,
  • We implement world-class quality standards in our projects,
  • We are globally integrated,
  • We strive to be “perfectionists” in every new project, raising the bar higher…


  • To continue to be one of the leading companies in the construction industry by drawing strength from Özak Global Holding’s time-honored corporate values.
  • To exceed the expectations of our customers and business partners in every project without exception.
  • To become a company with an outstanding human resources policy where talented professionals want to work.
  • To become a company of choice for investors and generate a sustainable rate of growth for them,
  • To become a pioneering company that shape the construction industry by developing innovative projects, and
  • To become globally recognized and highly regarded company by adding value to nature, life and people.