Istanbul’s New Coastal Neighborhood: Büyükyalı.

Büyükyalı is a new “coastal neighborhood” and a “new urbanism” project built by the partnership of Özak REIT, Ziylan Gayrimenkul, and Yenigün İnşaat with the guarantee of Emlak Konut at the entrance to the Bosphorus on the Kazlıçeşme coast, where the historical walls open to the Bosphorus.

Located at the intersection of all transportation routes, including land, sea, and rail transportation, Büyükyalı establishes a new coastal neighborhood by extending the Bosphorus line. Büyükyalı is in the heart of Istanbul on the shore of the Marmara Sea adjacent to many strategical points from the new airport to the Eurasia Tunnel, from the Historical Peninsula to the Grand Bazaar.

Built on a land of 11.1 hectares with a story and history, Büyükyalı focuses on “people” and “good life” in an atmosphere where historical buildings are restored and revived. As the only and true address of “good life,” Büyükyalı offers its residents and visitors an “all-inclusive” comfort in everyday life.

Everything from different apartment options to a rich social life, from prestigious stores to world restaurants, from an organic market to cafés awaits the residents and visitors of Büyükyalı within walking distance.

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İstanbul Kazlıçeşme

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Offering all needs within walking distance, Büyükyalı creates a rich cultural and artistic atmosphere with the best plays, the latest movies, stimulating exhibitions, and sensational concerts. Büyükyalı makes both children and adults happy with its creative workshops, entertaining parks and playgrounds, personal development programs, sporting opportunities, and “Büyükyalı Club,” which is designed as a neighborhood sports club.

In the first quarter of 2020, apartments will be delivered and life will start in Büyükyalı, which is a “work that will be passed down from generation to generation” with its leasable commercial areas as well as its different types of apartments that appeal to different lifestyles with its superior quality.

Award-winning interior architectural concepts called Golden Quartz, Platinum Quartz, White Opaline, and Clear Crystal, which are inspired by precious gems and designed by internationally successful Turkish interior architects with a boutique understanding for different tastes...

Büyükyalı furnished by Fendi Casa

The privilege of FENDI Casa, an Italian luxury and prestigious furniture designer and a unique and global brand that entered the Turkish market with Büyükyalı...

Büyükyalı is the first real estate project in Turkey built with FENDI Casa’ elegant, luxurious, and graceful touch in all its details from the lobby to the common areas, from the cabinets to the parquets, from the furniture to the fixtures.

Büyükyalı Loft;

Turkey’s first true loft apartments, pure luxury, and superior quality meet in Büyükyalı.

Part of the 180-meter long historical cartridge factory, which was built in 1881, was converted into a 2-story living and working area in Büyükyalı, which combines the architecture of the 19th century with modern comfort.

In the historical cartridge factory, which has the simple and rational architectural characteristics of industrial buildings designed for functional needs only, loft apartments with unique details create a sense of history in a historical atmosphere and allow people to experience modern life by capturing the spirit of the age.

A Contemporary Architecture and a Timeless Good Life

We emphasize landscape design and the use of high-quality products in exterior and interior architecture. Based on this understanding, we have planned large interior gardens and green courtyards with a high plant quality and variety. We have designed a bridge that provides a direct link to the sea and the coastal road to enable the residents of Büyükyalı to easily access the azure sea of Istanbul at any time. Büyükyalı, which will offer a “good life” to its residents with all these features, reflects the timeless spirit of Istanbul with its contemporary architecture compatible with the texture of the city. Büyükyalı starts a brand new life that is in touch with green and blue and respects people.

A Privileged Life

The cozy and long-awaited neighborhood life will revive on the Stone Square. In the project, the historical buildings that add the urban texture of Istanbul to Büyükyali are revitalized with cultural and social activities and become a part of everyday life. Restored faithfully according to world standards, the historical buildings house a culture and arts center, fashion design workshop, music school, kids club, restaurants, design boutiques, and lofts.

Lively, colorful, and green squares within walking distance of the houses of the residents of Büyükyalı host many social and artistic activities. We emphasize the concepts of a cozy neighborhood life and neighbor relations by bringing people of different ages and tastes together through the mixed use of various spaces such as Büyükyalı’s shopping street, marketplace, gourmet restaurants, nursery, and education and sports areas.

Büyükyalı’s privileged concierge services offer a pleasant life experience in the heart of the city far from the stress of the metropolis. Büyükyalı promises its residents and visitors an all-inclusive comfort in everyday life.

A project that is respectful to history and cultural heritage and compatible with the texture of Istanbul

As some of the most important examples of Ottoman industrial facilities, the historical buildings located in the heart of Büyükyalı, Istanbul’s new coastal neighborhood, meet Istanbulites after nearly 100 years. Revived with a meticulous restoration that preserved the originality of the buildings and exceeded the world standards, these magnificent buildings will start to serve everybody thanks to the Büyükyalı project.

The New Meeting Point of the City

Büyükyalı received the Best Shopping Area Architecture in Europe Award with its high ceiling, original stone walls, original roof that allows daylight to enter the building, and wooden roof trusses, which are considered one of the most important engineering examples of the period it was built. It will take its visitors on a short trip in the past with its historical atmosphere bearing the traces of 19th-century architecture. Inspired by the best examples of Istanbul’s centuries-old cultural, artistic, culinary, and life heritage, Büyükyalı will enable its visitors to find everything they need easily with its superior quality and excellent service approach. Standing out with its location right beside the Marmara Sea and its lush landscapes, Büyükyalı will offer a new and lively meeting point to Istanbulites with its accessibility, access to the sea, and privileges.

The historical buildings that have been faithfully restored house leasable commercial areas, as well as social and cultural areas such as gourmet restaurants, shopping streets with the world’s most famous brands, cafés, movie theater, theater, and performing arts center.

Büyükyalı adds value to the time spent outside home and work in the socialization areas, which are defined as the third living spaces. With its historical buildings, theater with 500 seats, movie theaters and performance halls with 600 seats, and fair and exhibition areas, Büyükyalı adds new values to the cultural and artistic life of the city.

Büyükyalı carried out a world-class restoration and renovated the historical buildings that are located on its project site and had been closed to the public and left to their fates for more than 100 years.


Best Mixed-Use - Büyükyalı

Best Shopping Area Architecture - Büyükyalı

Loft: Best Show Apartment Design in Europe

Fendi Casa: Show Apartment Design

Best Apartment Interior Design - BÜYÜKYALI furnished by Fendi Casa

Büyükyalı’s construction site was selected as the best construction site.

Best show apartment in Europe.

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