Corporate Principles

To become a perfectionist corporation, which

  • keeps business quality and respect above everything
  • carries the consciousness of adding value to life into each project
  • trusts in its employees and gives them trust
  • is loyal to its business partners and deadlines
  • is sensitive to ecological order and environment
  • is creative and innovative
  • is integrated with global markets
  • focuses on going beyond the previous one in each new project.
Corporate Objectives
  • To become the pioneer and leader company of the construction industry, by getting strength from corporate values of ÖZAK Global Holding.
  • To go beyond the expectations of clients and business partners unexceptionally in each and every project.
  • To become the major organization, which every professional in the construction industry wants to work at, via accurate human resources policy.
  • To become the organization principally chosen by the capital and to add value to the capital continuously.
  • To become the company closely followed by the construction industry via innovative projects.
  • To achieve a global reputation by adding value to nature and life.